How To Get Your Groove Back: Lady Saw’s “Heels On” Video

January 18, 2013

Words by Sabia McCoy-Torres—

Lady Saw and Shaggy in "Heels On"

For many women, a regular romantic night alone with her man turns into a poppin’ night alone with her man not when the heels come off, but when they stay on (and everything else comes off). Lady Saw, always a connoisseur of pleasure, power and men, pays homage to these moments when a regular girl turns into a vixen with nothing but the power of a dope pair of heels, in her brand-new video for “Heels On.” Fully equipped with red satin sheets, wining, and, true to the song’s title, nuff pair of high-fashion heels, she lays it all on the line in her usual self-empowered diva style. To top it off, Shaggy makes an appearance as Saw’s lucky man—kind of sweet given their shared veteran status in the game.

The song itself, a major hit in Jamaica and international reggae charts for some time now, is an experiment with the percussive riffs and string melodies of current R&B. Lady Saw even gives a shout out to Trey Songz, which seems fitting. However, infused with more typical R&B singing are dancehall-style lyrics that contrast soft whispers with sharp-tongued “but mek mi tell you dis mi have a boom ride” talk, in classic Lady Saw fashion. Check out the video for the song that has young women in Jamaica searching for the perfect nine inches (shoes that is) and older women getting their groove back with nothing but their heels on.