Musical Nightcap: Watch Kes the Band’s “Tuesday on the Rocks” Video

January 15, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Daryll Willoughbyโ€”

Kes the Band Daryll Willoughby

Life is good, it’s better when your life revolves around singing about having a good time ’cause your job is being a soca singer, and it’s even better if your name is Kees Diffenthaler. The leader of Trinidad’s Kes the Band just seems to be having an exceptional time at life, the latest exhibit being his video for “Tuesday on the Rocks,” his ridiculously catchy tune on Bambino Musik and Justin “Jus Bus” Nation’s Gyal Season riddim.

As a song, “Tuesday on the Rocks”โ€”which we first heard when Kes gave us the tune off of a thumb drive at Miss Lily’s this past summerโ€” is one of the best things to happen to island pop since that term got coined, seamlessly blending Kes’ soca style with the mellow Studio One-inspired riddim. The video makes it an even easier sale, capturing the perks of island life as well as any we’ve seen lately. Whether it’s riding a bike through the city (in this case, Port of Spain), liming on a boat (in this case, one stacked with beautiful women) or dancing through the night, just about everyone’s idea of a good time is represented here. If none of these activities were or are on your itinerary today (we know, you tried), may we suggest ending your Tuesday “on the rocks?”