Toppa Top 10: Jillionaire’s Top 10 Soca Crossover Tunes In 2012

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December 31, 2012

Words by LargeUp Crew,ย Selections by Jillionaireโ€”

machel montano-bottle-of-rum

Soca isn’t for everybody. If you’ve ever had the gall to play “Tiny Winey” or “Dollar Wine” for a room full of rock-and-rollers or hip-hop heads, you’re surely aware that this is a huge understatement. Well, there weren’t any international radio hits like “Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle or “Tempted to Touch” this year, but 2012 saw an abundance of groovy soca tunes with appeal beyond the usual stronghold of the English-speaking West Indies.

Jillionaire should know. This year, the Trini DJ, currently based in Los Angeles and traveling the world as one-third of the new-look Major Lazer, had the opportunity to bring a little taste of T&T to clubs and stages across the globe. We had him tell us which soca tunes got palance virgins wining the most.