LargeUp Premiere: Jr. Blender Remixes Rihanna’s “Diamonds”

December 24, 2012

Words by DJ Theory—

Hamburg, Germany producer Jr. Blender (of So Shifty and Supersonic Sound fame) strikes again, this time putting in work on two Rihanna tunes. Honestly this dude could remix every one of Rihanna’s tunes for the span of her career and I wouldn’t be the least bit mad… He was kind enough to drop these new versions off for us to share with you—one a sparkling reggae verion of her current anthem “Diamonds“, the other a one drop drum edit for the DJs of the already reggae-inspired “No Love Allowed.” Rihanna’s voice and Bajan background naturally lean towards reggae, and it seems to work particularly well in the capable hands of Jr. Blender (let’s not forget his flawless rendition of “Where Have You Been“). DJs and Rihanna fans need to get with both of these pronto. Stream and download below—for more downloads, pass thru Blenders personal stash here.