Free Reggae: Marley’s Mellow Mood “Tune In Tuesdays” Presents Jesse Royal

December 4, 2012

Words by LargeUp Crewโ€”

Jesse Royal Marley's Mellow Mood

Marleyโ€™s Mellow Mood has come up with a new way to โ€œfree the people with music,โ€ launching a weekly free music download series, co-curated by LargeUp, and dubbed Tune in Tuesdays. Each Tuesday, this link features a download of a new single from a different artist.

This weekโ€™s featured track is โ€œGood Morning,โ€ from Jesse Royal, the flagship artist of XTM.Nation, the label formerly known as Xterminator Records. Discovered by the late Xterminator founder Philip โ€˜Fatisโ€™ Burrell, Royal will release his debut album, produced by Fattis’ son Kareem Burrell, in early 2013. Sample/download below, and read on for a quick interview with Jesse.


Describe your sound in 20 words or less...

This is the sound of truth, the voice of the youth. A mix of many generes with a reggae root.

What role does your heritage play in your music?

My heritage is what has moulded me and therefore plays a very vital role in my music, as my music is just a reflection of who and what I am as well as what is happening around me. I invest my time in concioussness so my heritage and the wise words of my elders are near and dear to me and that can be heard in my music.

What can we expect to hear from you in the next year?

Right now there are couple projects in the pipeline, the album heading the list which should be ready mid next year, right now we are in the studio smoothing over some ruff ends then it’s back on the road to do some promotional work for this project. I have a few shows, but in the meantime we will be releasing a few singles as a follow up to my mix tape “Misheni” which was released a couple months ago.

Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write “Good Morning”?

The inspiration came one lovely morning that I woke up feeling just a little bit more blessed than every other day. I began humming a little melody until the words for the chorus came and then the words for the verse came even faster. I then linked up with my longtime friend and producer of the song Curt Qban and we made it happen. This song was never written on paper, it was all in my head so I think it was one of those little things that were just meant to be sung.

What are your ultimate ambitions as an artist?

My ultimate ambition is to fulfill the Most High mission for I and I as a people and to reintroduce the thought of love equality and respect into society through music because we have much more to gain when we unite than when we fight. So im just playing my part musically and literally in every way possible. Wherever the wind blows there too shall this message go.