‘Scary’ Video: Tifa + Spice Ask ‘Why You Mad?’

November 30, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

Tifa and Spice Why You Mad

Tommy Lee Sparta seems to really be having an having an impact on Jamaicaโ€”even dancehall divas Tifa and Spice, known more for being sexy than sinister, have gone the horror movie route with their latest video. Except their “Why You Mad?” clip is more like one of the Wayans Brothers’ Scary Movie flicks than one of Lee’s genuinely creepy videos.

The Linda Blair-in-The-Exorcist type chick rolling around in a hospital bed in “Why You Mad” got that way, apparently, because she couldn’t take Tifa and Spice being hotter than her, and the jealousy just drove her crazy. The lesson? Don’t badmind Tifa and Spice or you’ll end up in a mental hospital where Tifa, Spice and their hot nurse outfits will just drive you more crazy. OK.

Tifa and Spice