Toppa Top 10: LargeUp’s Holiday Gift Guide 2012

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November 23, 2012

6. Jamaican Dancehall Signs Book
Jamaican Dancehall Signs Book

Published by our friends at Miss Lily’s Variety in NYC, Jamaican Dancehall Signs is like taking a car ride around Jamaica without all of the crazy drivers. The book, which features the private collection of JA film producer Maxine Walters, features page after page of the hand-made cardboard signs for dancehall parties, stage shows, plays and other events posted in just about every public space on the island. If you’ve never noticed these before, or never been down to yard, you’re in for a treat. While often crude, these signs have a rich visual language that’s truly distinct, and quintessentially Jamaican. Buy here, or walk in and grab a copy at Miss Lily’s Variety next time you’re in downtown NYC.