Kingston Story: Watch Indie Rock Band Wild Belle’s Jamaica-Set “Keep You” Video

November 15, 2012

Words by Tasha Brownโ€”

Wild Belle Keep You

Within a year, indie rock bandย Wild Belle has caught the attention of many โ€“ first with their track โ€œKeep You,โ€ then with โ€œTake Me Away.โ€ Eventually, Wild Belle’sย Natalie and Elliot Bergman signed a three-album record deal with Columbia Records, and the rest is pretty much history. Life has happened fast for the band.

Recently, the Chicago brother-sister duo spent a week in Kingston, Jamaica filming a video for that first single โ€œKeep You,โ€ with director Melina Matsoukas. Theย โ€œKeep Youโ€ video is a story of love, resentment, and betrayal. Melina described it as โ€œa story about unrequited love and how with age, we donโ€™t necessarily mature.โ€

The video is cool and sultry in true island rhythm, yet a bit discomforting. Not because the lyrics are inappropriate, but because Little Man (a young boy) and his adult caregiver are portrayed as lovers. As awkward as it may seem, I like the weirdness. itโ€™s uncomfortable, but so is any love story, right?

Itโ€™s obvious that Wild Belle is unique and interesting, but thatโ€™s probably why this band have claimed attention so effortlessly.

Keep You is on their debut album, Isles, an appropriate title, given the bandโ€™s retro, reggae-infused influence. Wild Belle will begin touring this month, until early next year, just in time for their album release in March 2013.