Bruk Out TV: Watch Cham’s “Stripper Pose” Video

October 27, 2012

Words by Sherman Escoffery__

It seems as if Christmas came early this year for Dancehall fans, as Cham and Madhouse Records treats us to a hat-trick, in the form of a third song on the Lawless rhythm. After giving the rude boys โ€œLawlessโ€ and โ€œPortmore Anthem,โ€ Cham now focuses on the female fans, and takes it from the streets to the beach with โ€œStripper Pose,โ€ which is bound to be a bruk out and whine anthem for the girls; just make sure you have enough space to follow his instructions like โ€œHead to the floor, batty in the air, whine cause mi love when you shake up the rear.โ€

The video is shot as a beach party with a sound system strung up, as scantily clad girlsโ€™ sky daggers off speaker boxes, and grind up on Cham and his friend, that is disguised as a incubus.

โ€œMadhouse Teck Dem again!โ€