Modern Lovers: Two New Singles From Beres Hammond

October 24, 2012

Words by Sherman Escoffery, Cover Photo by Martei Korleyโ€”

There is no need to wonder why Beres Hammond is the King of Jamaican Lover Rock. It is because Beresโ€™s music deals with reality: the reality of love, life, joy, pain, heartbreak and acceptance, all sung in a voice that speaks directly to you like your conscience. Last month, we gave you a slice of Beres Hammondโ€™s soon to be released double CD, One Life One Love, due out on November 13. But we canโ€™t get enough of Beres Hammond over at LargeUp, so we have another treat for you, in the form of two more songs.

โ€œNo Candle Light,โ€ with a swing that is similar to โ€œThings and Time,โ€ is the song that lovers growing apart will definitely dance to, in acknowledgement that there is work to be done, and โ€œYou Stand Alone,โ€ the type of song that we call rum-bar music. Itโ€™s that song that speaks directly to you about the crisis or predicament that you are in… that drove you to the rum-bar in the first place; itโ€™s is that song of introspection, that tells you that, deep down, you know the responsible decision that has to be made.

If these two songs are an accurate reflection of the rest of the One Life, One Love album, this will probably be Beresโ€™s best album in almost a decade.

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[audio:|titles=03 No Candle Light]
โ€œNo Candle Lightโ€

[audio:|titles=02 You Stand Alone]

โ€œYou Stand Alone”