You Rate It: Gyptian Covers Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”

October 23, 2012

Words by Sherman Escofferyโ€”

Gyptian at Electric Lady Studios

Reggae crooner Gyptian was selected to rep Jamaica as one of four international artists in the MTV Iggy/Chevy Spark โ€œCover the Worldโ€ campaign. The cover song selected for Gyptian was Cyndi Lauperโ€™s โ€œTrue Colorsโ€ and it flows perfectly with his upcoming album titled SLR, which stands for Sex Love and Reggae.

Gyptian, who is currently putting the finishing touches on an upcoming album by the same title slated for release in 2013 and still riding high on his gold record โ€œHold You,โ€ is being showcased in the campaign along with Australiaโ€™s Angus Stone, Americanโ€™s All Time Low, and South Koreaโ€™s Wonder Girls. The production of โ€œTrue Colorsโ€ was an international collaboration between New York based R&B producer Rellee Hayden and Jamaica-based reggae producer (and manager of Busy Signal) Shane Brown. โ€œGiven that we are from two different worlds, working together brings something refreshing to the reggae game right now; people are tired of the same thing,โ€ said Brown.

Watch the video of Gyptian performing “True Colors” at Electric Lady Studios in NYC, check out some behind-the-scenes footage, and tell us in the comments if Gyptian pulled it all off.