Viral Video Watch: Mega Banton Returns with “Badman Style”

October 5, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

We’re used to Asia jocking Jamaican music trends and not the other way around but Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is obviously a gamechanger. Syllable-wise,ย  “Gangnam Style” lends itself pretty neatly to a Jamaican version of the Internet meme called “Badman Style,” and that’s exactly what Mega Banton, Singer J and G Loc have made, in what is sure to be the Caribbean’s biggest viral video this week. The video quality of the clip is pretty terrible but it still manages to be pretty funny. Look out for the mechanic pulling bottles out of a car hood, and the “sickcurity dawg.”

On another note, yes, that’s the same Mega Banton of “Soundbwoy Killing” fame, and, for a silly novelty record, his part is pretty tight. In fact, it has us wanting to hear more from the ’90s dancehall don, especially after hearing his excellent tune “Shake Sitten” from earlier this year. In particular, we really loved the “China White” remix of the song by our friend Kush Arora, which we posted in May. The result is the first record we’ve ever heard described as “Balearic dancehall” and one of our favorite remixes of the year. Check it out below.