Seen: Miss Lily’s Inna Cab Ride

October 2, 2012

Words by Emily Shapiro, Photo by Tonoโ€”

Miss Lily's Variety by Tono

If youโ€™ve taken a taxi in New York City in the last few years, youโ€™re familiar with NBCโ€™s short clips spotlighting new and cool places to buy things around town. In a recent Shopping Guide clip, dashing host George Oliphant makes a visit to one of our main stops in Manhattan, Miss Lilyโ€™s Variety. He tells cab riders that the reggae/dancehall-focused retail/gallery annex of the popular Jamaican eatery (and home of is โ€œcollectorโ€™s paradise for rare Jamaican vinyl,โ€ and even holds up Miss Lilyโ€™s newly publishedย first book, of Jamaican Dancehall Signs, which includes a foreword and interview with collector Maxine Walters by Large Upโ€™s own Jesse Serwer.

While NBC might have just discovered the charms of Lily’s and its next-door annex, LargeUp had the very first look inside the restaurant (and the first interview withย  principals, Paul Salmon, Serge Becker andย Paul Salmon and Binn and Genc Jakupi) in our LargeUp TV webisode Behind the Scenes at Miss Lily’s. And when our good friend Matt Goias launched Miss Lily’s Variety back in January, we had the inside story first, too. Nonetheless, we’re glad to see NBC putting people on to the good vibes Lily’s has to offer. We just hope this doesn’t mean we’ll have to start waiting in line for our jerk corn and patties (or Jamaican dancehall books)! Check the cab clip below, and watch our LargeUp TV webisode at Lily’s after that.