Hott-Est! Busy Signal’s Toppa Top Tunes

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September 26, 2012

Words by LargeUp Crewโ€”

Busy Signal by Martei Korley

Other artists generate more hype but Busy Signal has, somewhat quietly, been dancehall’s most consistent and technically impressive deejay for over a half decade. Whether voicing soca riddims, bringing African and Latin flavors into dancehall or dropping a whole album of conscious reggae, the lyrically dexterous “Hott Ed” has proven he is a fearless experimenter able to adapt his flow to fit any musical style.

For all these reasons and more, we were bummed to think his career might be silenced, just as it was getting set to go to the next level via a primetime cameo on the new No Doubt record. Ever since we heard last week that he’ll be free, and back in action, by Christmas, we’ve been digging out our favorite Busy records in anticipation of his comeback. Here’s ten of the Busy tunes we rate the mostโ€”a mixture of signature hits and slept-on obscurities we just had to bring to your attentionโ€”plus a few “honorebel” mentions.