AUDIO: Download Young Ragga’s “Musiquilla” +“Antiestablishment”

September 13, 2012

Words by Sabia McCoy-Torres—


Young Ragga, a new artist representing San Juan, Puerto Rico, has just released Ragga Muffin Style, a collaboration with producer DJ Nature. The album is a refreshing return to the ’80s rub-a-dub era, infused with the lyrical flows and techniques of the present. Young Ragga’s desire to have the new pay respect to the old is clear in his album cover’s reference to Horace Andy’s Dance Hall Style. While the majority of the album is reggae based, “Antiestablishment,” an Afrobeat inspired track layered with rap lyrics that chant down Babylon, shows the diversity of Young Ragga’s style. Very worth downloading.

“Musiquilla,” however, stands out as the album’s hottest, most speaker-busting track. An on-point combination of piano keys, a bumping bass line, and melodic vocals, “Musiquilla” might have you singing along, two finger inna di air, “musiquilla unifica…Madre Tierra, Mama Africa” (Music unites…Mother Earth, Mama Africa). Stream and download both tunes below, and get the full Ragga Muffin Style album here.