Impressions: Ramajay Mas Band at Mas Camp and Carnival

September 3, 2012

Photos by Reid Van Renesseโ€”


The heart of the annual West Indian American Day Carnival held every Labor Day on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn are the Masquerade, or Mas, bands that take to the road to perform elaborate routines in ornamental costumes selected and designed specifically for that year’s presentation. At last year’s Carnival, New York-based photographer Reid Van Renesse spent time with Ramajay, one of the bigger and best-known Trini trucks on the Parkway, documenting the band’s preparations at their Flatbush Mas Camp, from costume selectionโ€”there were over a dozen different styles associated with the campโ€”to the madness of picking up the costumes two weeks later, to girls getting ready, all the way through the parade itself and its aftermath. Click through below for a selection of Reid’s photos from 2011’s Mas Camp and parade, and look out for his Carnival 2012 photos here tomorrow.