Toppa Top 10: Salaam Remi Breaks Down Ten of His Classic Records

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August 28, 2012

Da Bush Babees, “Remember We” (1996)

I had produced a song on the album called โ€˜I just canโ€™t stand itโ€™ that hadย  a similar vibe to that, and they were like please just remix โ€˜Remember We.โ€™ I found the original not to be inspiring to me. They were vibing off what I did for the Fugees and “Nappy Heads.”Ali Shaheed Muhammed had produced a few records for them, and they had the Tribe sound at the time, they started to get a little buzz happening. Bush Babees was definitely a good record for me, and the track I was using was literally just the “Lyrics to Go” drums but chopped up my way with samples that weren’t done before. It was an original-ish track, then I threw in the little operatic vocals in the background. I was imagining stuff. I could hear how the music would expand on an arrangement level. You hear something simple and then arrange it all the way out, make it simple again, whether that’s a drum loop or piano like on โ€œI know I Canโ€ or something fully fleshed out. It’s being able to hear what arrangements will support the song the most, which is a reggae thing to me. How do you drop it in, maybe sometimes the song’s not that good, but the mix on it actually makes it work. It happens all the time.