Toppa Top 10: Salaam Remi Breaks Down Ten of His Classic Records

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August 28, 2012

Mega Banton, “Soundboy Killing” (1993) and Super Cat’s “South Central (Outstanding Mix)” (1995)

One of the uncovered, undiscovered records that I did most of is Mega Banton’s One Million Megawatts album. I did my version of the Sick rhythm with “Combination Part 2″ on there. I had gotten bored with doing reggae the way we were doing it, cause you started getting records that weren’t really that good, and once you get those I back off. Then I was like I’m gonna start doing [reggae with] the [R&B] classics, cause [Salaam and Funkmaster Flex] were doing the classics section in the club. That’s where [Mega Banton’s] “Soundboy Killing’ came from, with the Barry White sample. When [reggae producer] Jack Scorpio came up and we were working on the Mega [Banton] album, I flipped the remix, and made that work, and then Ini had “Heartbeat” on Super Cat on “Here Comes the Hotstepper” and the Super Cat “South Central” remix had [The Gap Band’s] “Outstanding.” I was intentionally making songs for a playlist. If you’re playing your classics you can go into your [hip-hop sample] reggae, then go into your other reggae, then back out, rather then playing your classics and now you gotta get into hip-hop and move it around. It was before it was even a trend in hip hop. Before Mary’s ‘My Life.’ When I was doing Super Cat’s [“South Central”] Puffy came in the studio like “heyyy yo, what are you doing?”