Come Straight Way: Ninjaman’s Plan To Revive Dancehall

August 21, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Martei Korleyโ€”

“Wi a call it a Dancehall Round Robin. Every artiste a get a night, and every sound man a get a night, an wi a carry it to 14 parishes. Wi just a try get in some sponsors and them ting deh, an when wi dweet, wi a donate it to schools cause we a use that to build the schools.”

That’s Ninja Man, telling the Jamaica Star about his new concept for a “Dancehall Round Robin,” which he hopes will bring back the healthy competitive vibes of ’90s dancehall, and elevate the performing skills of artists brought up in today’s technology/computer-driven era.

Is this an actual venture in the works, or just idle talk? We can’t really tell but read more about Ninja’s plan to “bring back the dancehall vibe, the Killamanjaro, the Scorpio” in today’s Jamaica Star. Props to Spliffington for the tip.

See more of Martei Korley’s pics from Ninja’s triumphant return to the stage, at Saturday’s St. Mary A Mi Come From concert in St. Mary, Jamaica here.