Steppin’ Out: Inner Circle’s Jackie Mittoo x Dubstep Project

August 8, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

Inner Circle have been a reggae band for over 40 years but, in the midst of touring the world repping Jamaica in its 50th year, they’ve taken an unexpected excursion into dubstep. They debuted their take on the sound live in Hawaii recently and now they’ve passed us the first track from their upcoming Dubshot Records LP, Dub Planet X. “Steppin’ Dub,” a version ofย the late Jackie Mittoo classic “Drum Song.”

The project, which falls closer musically to U.K. dub than say the brostep of Skrillex, is the baby of keyboardist Touter Harvey (in addition to his work with Inner Circle holds the distinction of being one of the only musicians to have played with Bob Marley and the Rolling Stones) and a tribute toย Mittoo: other tracks feature dub versions of “Hot Milk,” and “Pennie Wallie.”ย  Inner Circle visits New York for a Jamaica 50-themed concert at Central Park Summerstage with Israel Vibration and the Mighty Diamonds and, after the show, they’ll be debuting the tracks at an afterparty at venue Midtown 1015, alongside Rootz Underground, Prince Polo and Iris Ation and Rahtid Sound. Stream the tune, and see the info below.