More ‘Culture’: Spragga Benz’s ‘Get that Dough’ Video

August 2, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

Spragga Benz’s Shotta Culture album from 2010 was one of the best dancehall albums in recent memory, and it’s still bearing fruits. Nearly after two years after the Salaam Remi-produced LP dropped, we now have a video for the album’s “Get that Dough.” While “Get that Dough” might sound like just a shotta anthem, the Miami-shot video turns it into an anthem for all working people, as Spragga collects an assortment of (legal) hustlin’ vendors and brings them out on his private boat. Get that dough!

And this just in, from Spragga himself: LOOK OUT FOR 2CHAINS ON THE REMIX (!)