The Next Episode: Snoop Lion Live Stream x “La La La” Vinyl

July 30, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

As you may have heard, Snoop Dogg has been undergoing a transformation into Snoop Lion, trading in his “Gin and Juice” for some rum and Ting. If you’re confused as to what this is all about, we hear Snoop is getting ready to illuminate things at a special announcement/press conference at Miss Lily’s set to start at 5p.m. ET. In fact, you can click on the YouTube embed below, to watch the live stream below.

Meanwhile, to promote the debut single from his upcoming Reincarnated project, the labels behind the project have produced limited-edition, promo-only color vinyl for “La La La.” No word on where to get these yet, but they’ve sent us over some flicks for all you vinyl fetishists out there. Interestingly, the label on the vinyl appears to credit the record to Berhaneโ€”the Amharic word for “My light,” and the name under which Bob Marley was baptized into the Ethiopian Orthodox church.