LargeUp Premiere: Vybz Kartel x Orange Hill “Pon Time” Video

July 30, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

We always sensed something supernatural about Vybz Kartel. His uncanny ability to stay on trend, his increasingly duppy-like appearanceโ€”sum’n. And this might be the surest proof yet, as he continues to innovate even from behind bars with the debut of Werl’ Boss in CGI!

Okay, the clip in question isn’t actually the work of the jailed dancehall star but our London-based friends in Orange Hill Productions, who’ve captured Di Teacha’s mannerisms and look in their video for their Kartel-featuring single, “Pon Time.” Follow our hero as he and his ladyfriend lounge on a cruiseship before evading threats from land, sea and air, and stay tuned to LargeUp on Friday for part two of Kartel’s CGI adventure, in the video for “Pon Time (Remix)” featuring Sneakbo.