Street Sweeper: Watch Mr. Lexx’s Hilarious “Rugu Rugu” Video

July 23, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Martei Korleyโ€”


We can always count on Mr. Lexx to bring the high entertainment value to everything he does, and his latest video, for “Rugu Rugu,” is as entertaining as dancehall clips come. Produced by The Wizard, the brief, unorthodox and comical single tells a story of some gunfire that goes “rugu rugu rugu rugu,” sending the deejay on a mad dash to get away. The Vaudevillian video by Terminal 4 Media literally illustrates the whole silly sequence, from the various fences Lexx has to hop (“Miss Patsy fence, Miss Jackie fence”) to his hilarious interaction with a cop who stops him on the road (“Ah no really coward dat, big man ting,” he tells the officer, rationalizing his panic). Lexx’s timing couldn’t be better, either, as he finds himself an unwitting competitor in a hurdling competition. Meet Jamaica’s newest track star!