From Dogg to Lion: Snoop x Major Lazer = “La La La”

July 20, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer—


The Snoop x Diplo/Major Lazer x reggae project we’ve been hearing about—and which we now know to be called Snoop Lion—has born its first fruits: “La La La,” a reworking of Ken Boothe’s mournful, masterful dirge “Artibella.” And wait—that’s our girl Jovi Rockwell coming through with the supporting vocals. Diplo’s actually used the Artibella riddim before, for the Major Lazer x La Roux Lazerproof mixtape but “La La La” is definitely a different feel, subtly nodding to G-Funk with its spoon sound effects. We could have used a little more lyrical meat from Snoop, but the important thing is the vibe nice. Whatever your views on this unlikely teamup, “La La La” is definitely going to pique your curiosity for more Snoop Lion.

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