Toppa Top 9: Kardinal Offishall on the Greatest Jamaican MCs

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July 18, 2012

Words by Kardinal Offishall, as told to Jesse Serwerโ€”

With Jamaica 50 on the horizon and our Trini rappers Toppa Top 10 still stirring debate, we’ve been thinking about how best to large up Jamaica’s great MCs. Rather than just share our own rankings this time,ย we polled one of those greats, Kardinal Offishall, for his views on the matter while we had him on the line the other day. In no particular order after the first two, here’s hip-hop’s greatest yardies according to Kardi. Read on below, and stay tuned for an extended Top 10ย  of “honorebel” mentions and MCs you never knew were Jamaican. Soon come.