Music to ‘Dash Out’ To: The Wizard’s “No Batchoom Break”

July 11, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Recently, we introduced you to up-and-coming producer The Wizard—Beres Hammond’s daughter, Nastassja—and her productions for Courtney John and Mr. Lexx. Well, now here we’ve got the vocal debut from Jamaica’s leading female beatmaker: “No Batchoom Break,” on the new riddim of the same name.

As The Wizard explained it to us when she sent it over, she wanted to make a riddim that makes females instantly become “acrobat bunnies,” the moment they hear it.  “I thought to myself, what’s the one thing I always see females do when they go out, and I realized that somehow we always find our way to the bathroom. I wanted to make something that, even when you hear it by the stall, u affi bruk out— hence ‘No Batchoom Break.'” More tunes on the Batchoom Break riddim are forthcoming, but each is “for girls to dash out to.” Real ting dat.