Reggae Noir: Colin Channer Selects 10 Dark Reggae Classics

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Words by Colin Channer—

Author of books such as Waiting In Vain and the founder of Jamaica’s renowned Calabash Literary Festival, Colin Channer’s latest act was curating and editing Akashic Books’ Kingston Noir, a newly-released anthology of gripping and dark short stories (including Colin’s own “Monkey Man”) set in JA’s capital city. Following our recent interview with Colin, we tapped the musically-minded author for a soundtrack—or better yet a musical companion piece—to Kingston Noir. Read on for Colin’s favorite dark reggae selections, and stop through Miss Lily’s Variety this Thursday night from 7 to 9 pm, for a special book reading and reasoning session with Colin that will be broadcast on our RadioLily show, The LargeUp Sessions. We’ll be running these tunes…