Pon De Cross: Skerrit Bwoy Gone Gospel

July 3, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

LargeUp and Skerrit Bwoy go way back, in fact it was our own DJ Gravy who put Diplo down with Skerrit, leading to his role as hypeman for Major Lazer. As you may have heard, the world’s best-known proponent of daggering left Major Lazer (and disavowed daggering) after finding the Lord late last year. We assumed this also meant that Skerrit was retiring his over-the-top stage persona, but apparently he’s the same ol’ wild and crazy Skerrit, just with a Bible, and minus the daggering.

The first evidence of Skerrit’s new life as a Christian entertainer is upon us, and it’s a pious version of Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor,” the video to which elevated the Antigua/Bronx-representing Skerrit to international fame three years ago. (Though it should be noted that he didn’t actually contribute any vocals to “Pon De Floor” and in fact Skerrit never was an “artist” but more of a dancer/DJ/all-around live entertainer). In any case, bet you didn’t think that was possible. As the Soundcloud page for Skerrit’s new crew Electric Gospel says: “If you like Jesus & you like Bass, you gonna love this…”