Natural Teng: Iris Ation x Tropical Fantasy’s “Hello Operator” Video

May 31, 2012

Words by Erin MacLeodโ€”

From jungle to dubstep, from Jamaica to Germany to Japan and all places in between, it’s apparent that reggae and dancehall morph and move in some of the most interesting ways. Here’s a particularly pleasant example. Dub Dilinja and Megman are Rahtid! Sound, and their blend of dub and dancehall meets the ethereal vocals of Iris Ation and the Cham-esque deejay styles of Tropical Fantasy, on “Hello Operator.” Surrounded by layers of echo, glitch and drums, you can hear King Jammy’s Sleng Teng–the three-note bassline that shook Jamaica and ushered in the digital dancehall era. Though some roots reggae folk may look down on the digital as inorganic, the Bronx-based boys at Rahtid Sound demonstrate that digital can indeed sound absolutely natural. Take their advice and listen through headphones.

Underlining the Sleng Teng meets Mother Nature approach is the video by Porcuapa Films, shot at the American Museum of Natural History’s famed animal diorama hall: it’s wicked.