Video: Toddla T x Timberlee, “Body Dub”

May 29, 2012

Words by DJ Theory —

Our bruv Toddla T is back with another major tune, this time with one of our favorite bad gyals at the mic—the lovely and uncensored Timberlee. We love Toddla and Timberlee around here, so when Toddla sent this over we knew right away the collab would be shot. Rated worldwide for the modern dancehall classic “Bubble Like Soup,” Timberlee also makes up one third of TNT (aka the Badda Badda Gals) with Tifa and our own punany pro Ms. Natalie Storm, but is there maybe a new “T&T” in the works as well? This minimal electro-dancehall scorcher will adequately hold us over for the time being. Watch the video, featuring a seductively rotating Timberlee and some talented rollerskaters on the streets of South London, below.