LA’s Story: LA Lewis + Sani Showbizz Conquer the Conceptual Art World

May 29, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

Jamaican deejay enigma LA Lewis recently re-emerged with a new website, a new sidekick manager in Prince Zimboo alter ego ’80s-style skat chatter/former Rolling Stones tourmate Sani Showbizz, and a new focus. He’s embracing the role of conceptual artist, becoming “Jamaica’s Damien Hirst,” we learn over a new video series documenting his evolution. “I been doing some research over the past few couple months,” he tells us while chiseling a sink fixture in one such clip, “and everything that LA Lewis have done, or touched, or have been said…is art!”

Operating under this premise, the 7-Star General has framed his briefsโ€”specifically a pair of iron-burned tighty whities soiled with his own DNAโ€”(“A lot of artists win Grammys, or sell platinum records but LA Lewis actually sells…his brief”), which he expects to auction to a lucky lady for thousands of British pounds with a little help from Diplo. Also, LA wants whoever is cutting off whale penises to make car seats to stop. Amidst all of this he made TV Jamaica’s Entertainment Report, and trended worldwide on Twitter. Watch some of the videos below to make sense of it as best you can, and follow the progress of LA’s artistic journey over at his site.