Toppa Top 10: Ten ‘Mama’ Tunes For Mother’s Day

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May 9, 2012

1. Sizzla, “Thank U Mamma”

"Thank you Mama", Sizzla shows his love for his mother

Firebrand Bobo artists don’t normally cross over into the mainstream with family value-based lyrics, but this is exactly what Sizzla accomplished with “Thank U Mamma,” from his gold-standard LP, Da Real Thing. Employing heartfelt lyrics over a gospel tinged Nyabinghi riddim, it simply connects immediately with listeners. It’s the straight orward everyday references and the emotions they conjure up which makes the record special. Sizzla’s thankfulness is evident in this picโ€”that’s him performing “Thank U Mamma” for his Mama Lou, at March’s Sizzla Acoustic show in Kingston.