Video: Ninjaman feat. General B, “Outta Road”

Words by Spliffington

Another brand new combination tune from Ninjaman, “Outta Road” with General B, complete with video! In fact, this bare bones clip of Ninja vibing in the studio with General B is the closest thing to a proper music video we’ve ever seen for one of his songs.

General B is part of Monster Empire with Ghost and Roundhead, previously known in the 90s as Monster Shack Crew, and was one of the members of the deejay fraternity who would visit the Don Gorgon frequently during his time at the Remand Center jail to give him strength and keep him updated on the outside world. In the song they celebrate Ninja’s release, dancehall’s troubles and a Ninja’s fresh career focus. ‘You get a second chance/you better use it wisely/and make sure you ah focus precisely’ General chats while Ninja responds ‘Me deya jail General and dem ah fight me/a bag a remand dem gimme just to spite me.’

Ninja doing combo tunes with two deejays who have clashed before is pretty ironic, especially since rumor has it that this combo was recorded before “Grill Fly” (a/k/a “The Gorgon Is Back”) with Kiprich…  Now hear/watch this!