Audio: Sizzla Sings “So Lovely” Again

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Martei Korley—

Sizzla sure likes telling women that they’re lovely. The latest single from Mr. Kalonji, “So Lovely,” is by our estimation his third song with a variation on that title/theme. There’s “She’s Loving,” from 2002’s Da Real Thing, which contains the chorus, “You’re so lovely I love you so-oh” and is often referred to as “You’re So Lovely,” and then you’ve got this “So Lovely” on 2009’s Waga Waga riddim.

This latest version is the opening track on Sizzla’s Don’t Mislead the Youths EP, which dropped yesterday on New York’s Locksmith Records. The six-song EP is the most club-oriented set of tunes we’ve heard in a while from Sizzla, who appears to have fully recovered from the serious injuries sustained in last year’s motorcycle accident (that’s him serenading his mama in the above pic, from last month’s “Unplugged and Acoustics” concert) and “She’s Lovely” is no exception. Sample it below.