Cham and His Baby: “Tun Up” Video Tun Up!

April 5, 2012

Words by Emily Shapiroโ€”

“Tun up” is probably the most ubiquitous slang phrase to come out of Jamaica recently, and now it’s the name of a hit song from the artist formerly known as Baby Cham. The Madhouse Records-released tune heavily features Cham’s new bride, O, (maybe you remember her from 2011’s “Wine”) so it is only fitting that she is featured just as prominently in the video, too.

The video, directed by Roger B. Stillz, follows Ms. O as she mashes up Kingston in a truck with the license plate #TEAMCHAM while wearing the baddest pair of neon platform sandals. Her nonchalant, cool attitude matches the tone of her hook, which states “Mi tell dem man is not an issue causes mi pum pum tun up.” While the song is one that may seem unremarkable on first listen, it quickly grows addicting. Watch out lest you find yourself singing about “pum pum” all day after listening.