Slackness Is Back!: Hear Truckback Records’ SeXXX Tape Riddim

March 28, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

So there’s been some rumors swirling around the last few weeks about a sex tape involving some high-profile dancehall artists. Last evening some of the named partiesโ€”ahem, Mr. Lexx, ahem, Lady Sawโ€”took to the always raw Tambareen Radio show Outa Orda! show to address the rumors and…whoops, turns out the Sexxx Tape is actually a slack riddim from the always on-point Truckback Records production team.

It’s not just any riddim release, though: SeXXXTape features Lady Saw, Capleton, Gyptian, Lexx, Kiprich, Natalie Storm, Dejavu and Blacka Dan all spitting some of the dirtiest, nastiest, filthiest lyrics you’ve ever heard from them, and that’s saying a lot given the squad involved. In fact, the riddim is so raw that Saw, who’s been all but retired from the slackness game for a minute now, had to ride it not once but twice, on the oral sex-themed “No Sucker” and the self-explanatory “Mr. Short Cummings.” We even have Truckback’s word that they won’t be releasing clean edits for any of these songsโ€”they’re simply too dutty.

This one is sure to be a controversy starter just based off of the artist lineup alone (let alone some of the subjects) and the only place to hear it for now is here on LargeUp. Tell your friends: slackness is back!

1. DejaVu, “Bend Over”
2. Lady Saw, “No Sucker”
3. Gyptian, “All Night”
4. Mr. Lexx, “Spread Out”
5. Natalie Storm, “Mi Too Good”
6. Capleton, “Charge”
7. Blacka Dan, “Come Wine”
8. Kiprich, “Thief A F@#k”
9. Lady Saw, “Mr. Short Cummings”