Toppa Top 10: Ten Essential Super Cat Tunes

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March 20, 2012

Honorebel Mention: “Permit Fi Gun”

This one is definitely at the top of my list of favorite Super Cat records. Why? Because I love guns and badness… My father’s a military dude who served in ‘Nam so he taught me all about guns since I was able to talk. I remember being five or six years old at a bar with him and one of his peeps pulls out a shiny M-16 from a duffel bag. I was hype to say the least. This chune hit with me because havin some form of weapon on you in Brooklyn was always a necessity. And having a permit to carry it was license to kill at will.ย  Yuh zeeeet… The rumor back when Cat shot up Nitty Gritty in front of Super Power Records was that he didn’t get arrested because he had a permit for his piece. I don’t know if that’s real talkโ€”I don’t have official documentsโ€”but he never got charged for that.โ€”Micro Don