Viral Gyal: Watch Dancehall Queen Miss Likkle Bit’s ‘Bruk It Down’ Video

March 13, 2012

Words by Emily Shapiro Photo by Martei Korley


Looking up dancer Miss Likkle Bitโ€™s YouTube page, you might be underwhelmed by the number of videos posted. However, she proves with a singular upload that quality is much more important than quantity. Likkle Bitโ€™s freestyle to Mr.Vegasโ€™ hit โ€œBruk It Downโ€ is far from ordinary and is bringing in upwards of 10,000 hits a day. In this video, she owns her title of Dancehall Queen with her rubber waistline and mad headtop skills.

The quallty of the video, seemingly shot on a cell phone, may give you the impression that Likkle Bit is just like all the other young ladies booty clapping in her basement, but she is far from amateur. She has toured with major dancehall artists all over the states and Jamaica, as well as with Major Lazer. LargeUp has been keeping up with her, as well. Look out for an upcoming LargeUp TV webisode with some nicely manicured footage to match Likkle Bitโ€™s swag and style.