Apocalypse Rock: Toppa Top 10 Reggae Armagideon Tunes

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February 22, 2012

1. Willi Williams, “Armagideon Time”

Willi Williams hit gold with this song, describing the judgment as the present instead of the future, and that resonated with the masses, who felt and saw everything he sang about. The fact that it was also recorded over the Studio One hit rhythm โ€œThe Real Rockโ€ did not hurt, and the song proved so popular that Williams would come to be known as The Armagideon Man. “Armagideon Time” was soon covered by the British punk rock group The Clash, and parts of the lyrics were later used in Sublimeโ€™s reggae mashup song called โ€œSweet Little Rosie.โ€ It was also reinterpreted by Super Beagle for his classic clash tune โ€œDust A Sound Boyโ€ on the Stalag Rhythm.