Ital Tune: Tarrus Riley’s Veggie Castle Dubplate

February 16, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Brian Derballaโ€”

If you’re a New Yorker who moves through places like Flatbush and Richmond Hill or a vegetarian who doesn’t mind trekking for their Ital fix, you’re probably familiar with Veggie Castle. Originally housed in a former White Castle on BK’s Church Avenue, the owners relocated the famed Ital spot a few years back to a less castle-ian location on Liberty Avenue in Queens.

The place has developed quite a cult following over the yearsโ€”back when I worked in Flatbush in the early 2000s, I’d make every effort to stop thereโ€”owing probably as much to the novelty of its original locale (which was also home to the Health Castle vitamin shop and some memorable parking lot murals) as to its soya chunks and curry tofu. Well, turns out one of the Castle’s loyal subjects is Tarrus Riley, and he’s even blessed his favorite NY eatery with a dubplate: Veggie Castle We Seh!