Toppa Top 10: Jillionaire’s 2012 Road March Contenders

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February 7, 2012

Words by Jillionaireโ€”

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is just two weeks away, and, needless to say, we’re already feeling the itch to get down to Port of Spain. To get you primed for the coming festivities, we asked our favorite globetrotting Trini DJ, Jillionaire, to make some predictions for this year’s competitions, starting with the all-important Road March.

Well as allyuh know, is carnival time again down in TnT. And the question that’s on everybody’s lips this year (like every OTHER year) isโ€”who going to take Road March? Last year Machel did the double (Road March & Soca Monarch) wit “Advantage,” causing plenty controversy. People say Iwer shoulda take it wit “Come to Meh” (definitely d People’s Choice) and some say Bunji shoulda take it wit “Hold a Burn.”

The ting get so sticky that dis year Bunji and Fay-Ann decide dem eh studying Soca Monarchโ€”but yuh know Road March is a next story. Machel defending the crown with “Pump Yuh Flag,” but people saying how is a Vincy chune from las year, but I eh getting involved in all that. Iwer coming with “No Pain” (a nex Jab Jab song again!) and Bunji looking to hit dem wit “Born Ready”โ€”personally this is my chune for the ‘val, I feel if the vibes right Bunji could take it this year. Not too much lyrics or anything so but the chune have a vibes. Buh we go see, Machel does have trini people hypnotize a kinda wayโ€” he come wit some bad groovy selections and some kinda dance music something, but according to the feedback in tong, he could gi’ dem a back to back wit “Pump Yuh Flag.”

Odder dan the Big Three (MM, Iwer and Bunji), Swappi posing a real threat wit “Bucket” (daiz a whole different vibes now, man bringing bucket in fete insteada cooler), Kes & Michelle bringing “On D Road,” and d boss Kerwin DuBois looking to hit dem wit “Make Room.” Doh watch Kerwin slight, doh study how he write a setta big chune for odda big artist, the man really come into his own over the las two years, and even though the Groovy is usually his forte, he could be a creeper for Road March with his Power chune.

Personally doe I feel Kes and Snoop could hit dem a surprise lash ouiโ€”doh mine how allyuh saying Snoop sing shit (daiz meh boy), “Stress Away” is still a big anthem for this carnival and will live on plenty longer than most ah dem power chunes.

Signing out from de cole,