Fashion Fridays: Rihanna Designs for Armani

November 25, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer

It’s safe to say that everyone wants a piece of Rihanna at this point. If it’s not her body they/we are after, then it’s a slice of what’s going into her wallet. The “sexiest woman alive” has inked a number of endorsement deals in recent months, becoming the face of Vita Coco and Barbados’ tourism board. One of her latest maneuvers is a partnership with Giorgio Armani’s Emporio label, for which she has appeared in ads for its fall/winter collection. The singer has also designed a capsule collection consisting of two pairs of jeans, two T-shirts and underwear for the line, which is slated to appear in stores any minute now. We can’t lie: the clothes don’t look all that (See what we mean below). This is really just an excuse to post the above pic (from a recent Armani print ad) and Armani’s recent, noir-style commercial (or, as they call it, “short film”) depicting Rihanna stripping down to her underwear in the backseat of a limo: