Thanksgiving Throwback: DJ Gravy on Shabba Ranks’ “Trailer Load A Girls”

November 24, 2011

Words by DJ Gravy

This tuneโ€”and trailer-filled videoโ€”put Shabba on a whole other level, it’s one of my favorite records to spin and it’s one of Shabba’s biggest hooks that’s easy to sing along to for yankees. I mean you can’t have a hard time with “Girls, girls, everyday, from London, Canada and USA!”

I remember someone in my freshman class in high school giving me a Shabba Ranks album on cassette tape and being intrigued with this powerful artist who was clearly nothing like most urban hip hop artists of that time. He definitely wasn’t as pretty as most rappers or R&B singers (See In Living Color‘s “Mr. Uglyman” skit) but his presence and swagger were off the charts.

On this Thanksgiving day, I’d say anyone with even half a trailer load of girls has plenty to be thankful for. A whole trailer load is even a bit much, no? OK, maybe not! Extra gravy for all!