Toppa Top 10: Top Rum, Part Two

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4. Ron de Jeremy (Panama)

Don’t act all shocked. If you read LargeUp you’ve already seen Ron Jeremy’s face on a rum bottle , and you already know that it is no tiki-bar bullshit but the premium baby of the Cuban master blender and Panamanian manufacturer behind Ron Abuelo, one of the most highly-rated rums out there. It’s so good in fact that, there was much speculation among rum connoisseurs about why your Abuelo was putting out a new product that was potentially better than his signature product. And then there was another round of speculation that the blend was reformulated so that the student (pornstar) wouldn’t outshine the master. Maybe rum makes you paranoid? We don’t even know which batch our sample bottle is from (gracias, Abuelo) but we like it. Which brings us to: