Film Version: Remix Sly & Robbie & Be Featured in the New ‘One People’ Movie!

October 21, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

As we mentioned yesterday in our “Superthruster” Throwback, Sly & Robbie have some big works in the pipeline. Like, globally big. Once in a century big. To be specific, next year Jamaica celebrates it’s 50th anniversary of independence (1962-2012) and besides going into the 2012 Olympics as the overdogs (and big events being organized by JA-to-the-world ambassador Shaggy) the occasion will see the release of a unique documentary on Jamaica. Producers Justine Henzell (daughter of Perry Henzell of The Harder They Come fame) and Zac Harding (brother of super-producer Jeremy Harding) have teamed up with director Kevin MacDonald (filmmaker behind the excellent Last King of Scotland) to make a “collaborative documentary” called One People. Taking the official Jamaican motto of Out of many, one people as their guiding principle, Henzell and MacDonald have put ego aside and crowd-sourced the film-making to the world at large, asking people to film themselves on the subject of what Jamaica means to them, to be edited into a 90-minute film premiering on August 6th, 2012 (Jamaica’s Independence day).

The guidelines for submission can be found on the One People site (deadline extended to Jan. 6th) but the most important rule is: No music! That’s because the soundtrack for the film is being provided by drum-and-bass legends (and occasional cyberpunk warriors) Sly & Robbie. The famous Riddim Twins have recorded an original instrumental–the One People riddim–for the film (listen above) and taking the people-powered concept a step further, they are releasing it to the world to be voiced (or remixed) by any aspiring singer, deejay, producer or musician who wants to try their hand.

If that sounds like you, here’s what you do:

1) Go to the special One People tab on the facebook page of and download the riddim as mp3, wav or pro-tools file. (Non-facebookers can get the files in the pop-up window here).

2) Remix it, add instruments or vocals, slow it down or speed it up–or whatever you are inspired to do.

3) Register at the One People site to upload your submission by January 6th. Winner(s) will be featured on the score of the finalย One People film.

That is all. Get to work–and do Jamaica proud!