Toppa Top 10: D.A. Wallach of Chester French’s Favorite Reggae Tunes

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October 18, 2011

Selections by D.A. of Chester French, words by Eddie STATS Houghton

When we asked D.A. to select his favorite reggae jams and fill out this double-selection Top 10 (see his Black Chiney Orchestra partner Supa Dups’ picks for his favorite Jamerican combination records here), we didn’t know what to expect. Based on the addictive hooks and precocious songwriting of Chester French’s signature tunes–and even the range displayed on the two D.A./Supa Dups collabos that have leaked so far–we weren’t sure if he would be more of a riddim man or a melody man. Melody wins, it turns out, and if there’s one thing you can tell about D.A. from this questionnaire it’s that he likes his reggae to be reggae-tempo. It also turns out he has pretty good taste. Read on.