Video: Maffew Ragazino feat. The Mad Stuntman x Rockie Evans, “City of God”

October 12, 2011

Words by Nico Simino

Brownsville MC Maffew Ragazino today debuted a new video for “City of God,” a track from his new Rhyme Pays LP which features the Mad Stuntman and Rockie Evans over a re-lick of the classic Steely & Clevie dancehall riddim, Rumours. The vid is a big up to the annual West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn which seems to get bad press every year for related violence. As the video acknowledges, this year was no different but Ragazino also shows us the sights and people of the parade, who all look to be trying to have a good time even among the heavy police presence. (As you may have heard, this year even theย police were having a ball.)ย  While the song touches upon violence and inner-city life, the video features shots of Brownsville, Ragazino’s peeps, and the Parade as well as J’Ouvert, as it passes through his Brooklyn hood. Everyone seems to be having fun, even while police march on horseback.