Folkclor Progresivo: Humberto Pernett Brings Baranquilla to NYC

October 7, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer, via Dutty Artz

On Sunday, Humberto Pernett makes his NYC debut, as part of the new “Future Roots” series being thrown by our friend Natalia Linares and Que Bajo?!. Although not widely known in the States, Pernett, known for his “folkclor progresivo” sound (a psychedelic hybrid of traditional Colombian music and experimental electronic dance music) has a pretty fascinating history. A native of Baranquilla, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, his family were responsible for founding that city’s celebrated carnival, considered one of Colombia’s most important folk events. Head over to Dutty Artz for a full breakdown of Pernett’s story by Geko Jones, but before you do check this clip of Pernett and his group, the Caribbean Ravers performing “Positivo”: