Toppa Top 10: Ten Quintessential British Lovers Rock Tunes

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10. J.C. Lodge, “Someone Loves You Honey”

jc lodge

UK born J.C. Lodge cut her cover of Charley Pride’s country (!) hit “Someone Loves You Honey” at Joe Gibbs, usually a recipe for success. Not so much for Mr. Gibbs though–he had to enter into bankruptcy when he finally acknowledged his outstanding royalty payments to Ms. Lodge for the smash hit, which even went No.1 in the Netherlands. To this day many Caribbean people still associate this song with first loves, garden parties and all the intimate moments in between.

Honorebel Mention: Sandra Cross, “Break Up To Make Up”; Ginger Williams, “Tenderness”, Dennis Brown, “Your Love is a Blessing”; Boris Gardner, “I Wanna Wake Up With You”.